About Vegan Viña

My name is Francisco. I’ve been told “that’s fun to say”. Some just call me Fran. I’m Chilean, from the city of Viña del Mar. Because of my job I’ve moved around and had the chance to experience extremely diverse realities and cultures. I lived near Antarctica; then in Massachusetts, USA; and most recently in Abu Dhabi, UAE. At one point in my life I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that pushed me into thinking about changing my lifestyle. Eventually I decided to try out becoming a vegan. The improvement I’ve seen in my quality of life has convinced me into changing career paths. Now, I’m an aspiring amateur self-taught vegan chef. Hopefully one day I’ll have my own recipe cookbook, or maybe my own café or restaurant. Who knows? Being Vegan is the reality I’m experiencing now. Let me share it with you.

 Para la version en Español de este sitio visite www.veganvina.wordpress.com